Stone & Sand

There are many reasons to include stone and sand in your landscaping project.  One benefit of stone is that it will last and not breakdown, thus creating less work in the long run.  Once you put it down you can be sure it will be there for a while.

Sand has many uses and is common in planting beds, gardens, and other backyard projects.  We offer a range of different quality sands that should fit most of your needs.

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River Stone
River Stone:
Size: 0.63" to 1"
Color: Tan/Beige
Used as a decorative stone in walkways, flower beds, etc...

Pea Gravel
Pea Gravel:
Size: 0.25" to 0.63"
Color: Tan/Beige
Great for walkways and other landscape areas...

#57 Granite Gravel
#57 Granite Gravel:
Size: 1" to 1.5"
Color: Gray
Good for driveways and drainage areas...

Egg Rock
Egg Rock:
Size: 2" to 3"
Color: Tan/Beige
Large rock used in planting beds.  Permanent ground cover.  Southwestern look...

Crush 'n Run
Crush 'n Run:
Size: 1" to 3"
Color: Gray
Used to establish driveways.  Great at decreasing erosion in difficult areas...


Granite Sand
Granite Sand:
Size: Course (2x)
Color: Silver
Consists of granite shavings.  One of your courser sands with a gray and silver color.  Very affordable.  Great for laying stone pathways.  Used for the installation of stone and concrete pavers.  Is easy to shovel and level.  Packs and becomes a firm base over time for almost all stone patio and walkway applications.  Covers 80 to 90 sq. ft. at a 2" depth per ton...

River Sand
River Sand:
Size: 0.0001"
Color: Yellow/Tan/Beige
Common river sand.  Add to soil.  Use to level grass.  Use for special mixes...

Top Dressing Sand
Top Dressing Sand:
Size: 0.0001" (very fine)
Color: White
Used for leveling grass, mixing in soils, sand boxes, leveling pools, etc...